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We are  not a technology company. We are a marketing solutions partner.


We begin our relationship with you by doing a thorough review of  your business model and marketing plan.   We work hand in hand with your organization to explore different  mobile solutions that provide strategic value for your business and it's  customers.
Custom Development
We  partner with the best software engineers in the business. If you have unique  requirements for your mobile strategy, our technology partners are ready to  bring it to fruition. We'll assist you in developing a detailed project scope  for custom development and implementation.
A  strategic mobile plan will lend to successful EXECUTION that will yield the desired results. Our mobile consulting expertise will help ensure proper execution of your mobile strategy across  all channels.
The  number one thing we hear from our clients is that we provide the best support  of any partner they work with.  Our  team provides comprehensive support every step of the way.
Our  industry expertise provides valuable guidance to ensure your mobile strategy  adheres to Federal guidelines and industry best practices.
As  part of our mobile strategy, we provide ongoing monitoring and adjustments so  to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.
Every  successful business relies on surrounding themselves with reputable partners.  7 Media Groups' years of experience with hundreds of clients across all  industries has garrnered an extensive list of positive client referrals.

Platform Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A mobile CRM that benefits businesses by utilizing valuable data points

SMS/Text Alerts

Text alerts can be used to deliver real-time information to your contacts. Two-way  messaging that aids customer service communication.

MMS Messaging

Deliver rich MMS content to subscriber phones. MMS can include audio, video, pictures, and up to 500 characters of text.

Mobile Coupons

Use digital coupons to deliver visually appealing offers that can be redeemed and tracked.

Loyalty Club

Increase repeat customer activity through a robust loyalty rewards feature

Mobile Voting, Polling, Trivia & Surveys

Instant gratification for customers by real-time interactions through voting,  polling, trivia & surveys.


Drive results by offering your contacts a Text-to-Win opportunity. And let our  built-in winner selector choose and alert winners and non-winners.

Digital Kiosks

The digital kiosk is guaranteed to drive participation by offering an immersive  experience for contacts.

Text Reminders

Text messaging reminders are a fast and efficient way to inform customers of  upcoming appointments.

Text & Pics
to Screen

Engage a LIVE audience with real-time interactive Text & Pics from their phone to  a digital screen.

Web Forms

Design customizable opt-in web forms that can be integrated into your website and Facebook fan pages.

Emergency Alerts

Send time sensitive alerts to your constituents with important information.


Mobile Apps

Our experts can help you navigate the App world to determine what will be best  for you.

Custom APIs

In addition to our robust API library we can also create custom APIs for your  messaging needs.

Mobile  Web

Build your entire website or simply offer mobile friendly pages to engage your  audience with visually appealing mobile content.

Short, Long, Toll Free Codes

Short/Long/Toll Free Codes are used to deliver high volume messaging to opt-in subscribers. We help guide you through the provisioning process.

Don't take our word for it

"We use the text blast feature frequently with  to amp up our marketing efforts. Easy to use platform, very inexpensive, and great customer service."
Casey Davis, District Marketing Manager at
North US Momentum Holdings, LLC
We offered a free gift to the first 50 people to walk through the door and mention the text blast we sent and there were people waiting at the door before we opened Saturday morning.
Chaz Cole, General Manager at Cole Harley-Davidson
“An SMS platform, at a competitive rate, that meets our needs with excellent customer service we can count on!”
Lis Dennis, Marketing Manager at DirectEmployers Association
7 Media was an incredible partner to work with, going above and beyond to ensure a smooth onboarding and seamless experience for our dealers. Our team was extremely satisfied with the level of service and support we received, and would recommend the 7 Media text solution.
Hannah Abode-Iyamah, Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy
7 Media Group took our marketing efforts to the next level by allowing us to engage with our customers in real time vs. waiting for them to open an e-mail or receive a mailer in their traditional mailboxes. Ron and his team are always happy to help us in any way possible and have always offered top notch customer support!
Amanda Cordwell, Marketing Manager at Harley-Davidson of Lynchburg
Ron and the 7 Media Group team have proven countless times they are the authority in mobile marketing for the powersports industry. Their ability to implement and customize a solution for dealers to find financial and marketing success is unmatched. Mobile is not an option for dealerships anymore, it’s a necessity, and you won’t find a better partner than 7 Media Group.
Sarah Oakley, Founder Spoakley Marketing

Case Studies


About Us

Our Mission

Our  goal is to provide clients with valuable business and industry experience coupled with hands-on guidance in designing and implementing the most effective mobile communications strategy for your business and customers.


From the flip phone to the iPhone, we've seen mobile technology evolve over the years. It is our responsibility to offer the best mobile solutions for your business and customers. From retail to hospitality to education to nonprofits we know not all solutions and strategies are the same. We'll work closely with you to develop a comprehensive mobile strategy  that is custom tailored for your needs. We offer extensive knowledge of SMS (text messaging), MMS (multimedia  messaging), mobile web, mobile apps, location based marketing, digital kiosks, short codes, long codes, industry compliance and much more. Our  thorough experience and knowledge of Carrier and TCPA compliance ensures that  your mobile strategy adheres to the industries best practices and guidelines.


President/Owner  Ron Cariker has over 20 years experience working with leading brands across  the U.S. and globally. Along with a team of professionals that combine for  over 50 years of marketing expertise, 7 Media Group is positioned as one of  the premier mobile marketing firms in the country.

Meet The President

Ron Cariker

President & Owner Ron Cariker

As  Ron's college days were coming to a close in the late 90s he was presented  with an opportunity to be a part of a new endeavor by his home state's  newspaper and media company to create an online presence for the daily news  and information. From being the first online staff person to be assigned a  space in the newsroom to roaming the sidelines of college football games  reporting in real-time for the newspaper website, Ron was at the forefront of  online journalism. Taking that experience and immersing himself in all facets  of the online ecosystem of news and information, adding TV/Radio broadcast,  direct mail, data management, advertising and many other features, he grew  and evolved his understanding of opportunities yet to come. So in 2009 Ron  created 7 Media Group and formed one of the first exclusively mobile  marketing companies in the U.S. He is considered one of the industry's  leading experts in Mobile Marketing with consulting, speaking engagements and  workshops led around the world.

“I’ve  worked hard to surround myself with knowledgable professionals I respect and  enjoy working with. I am truly fortunate to have some of the most amazing,  forward-thinking clients that help move my company forward.”

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Meet The Team

Ron Cariker

President & Owner

Ginne Meyers

Director of Operations

Chloe Cariker

Digital Creative Media Assistant



Are you ready to reach potential customers more effectively than ever before? Or maybe you’d like to hire Ron for your next speaking event. Whatever your needs may be, we look forward to hearing from you.

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