Let’s make some mobile resolutions this New Year

As 2017 comes to a close it's time to reflect on what’s transpired over the last 12 months for our marketing efforts and what we look forward to in the coming year. More dealerships are taking advantage of mobile marketing than ever before. Through SMS, mobile web, responsive sites, mobile apps, mobile video and mobile social media it’s more than apparent the powersports customer is on their phone and can be reached in many ways. So let’s make some resolutions for 2018 about mobile and start things off with maximum effort and impact!

If you haven’tcreated a mobile strategy consider making these resolutions for 2018:

I RESOLVE to dig into my website traffic, social media audience, and internal customer data to determine the mobile opportunity I have before me.

I RESOLVE to weigh all mobile options for marketing available to me. Doing due diligence for the best approach to reaching my customers will be vital in finding the best path to success.

I RESOLVE to embrace new technology and STOP relying on the status quo of my marketing from years past. I realize my customers are changing and how I reach them must change.

I RESOLVE to rely on my staff to give me feedback on approaches to implement for mobile marketing. They are in contact with customers daily and can provide valuable insight on the best strategy to reach customers.

I RESOLVE to be more aware of good mobile marketing strategies that I can implement for my dealership. Sign up for mobile alert clubs, download apps, watch video on your smartphone and use the experience to help stimulate your mobile.

If you already have a mobile strategy, ie. text club, app, etc., consider making these resolutions for 2018:

I RESOLVE to vet any current mobile vendor I work with. I must not just assume I am getting the best solution. I need to compare services and offering from a variety of vendors to find if what I currently am doing is the best for my dealership.

I RESOLVE to dig deeper into my customer data and use it more effectively. STOP sending text alerts about products or services that are not relevant to a portion of my customer base. If I am promoting a service or accessory for a road bike, but I know which customers own a dirt bike, then I should omit them from this marketing message.

I RESOLVE to be more aggressive about making my customers aware of my mobile channels. Create in-store signage for a text club. Design online graphics for social media and website for mobile offers. Make sure to collect a mobile number at every opportunity given in sales, service, etc.

I RESOLVE to communicate with customers on a regular basis. If weeks pass and a customer has not been sent a text or other communication via mobile they become passive and not as interested. Make sure they understand there’s always a reason to visit the dealership.

I RESOLVE to create my marketing calendar with mobile offers in mind. Determine events that mobile can be useful for maybe an RSVP opportunity. Tie mobile alerts to new inventory launches, new products the dealership carries, etc. Everything the dealership does throughout the year should have a very specific mobile component to execute.

I RESOLVE to create more original content for customers to consume via mobile. Shoot some short video clips on a smartphone then post on social media and text customers about the content. Have staff share their expertise in their respective department on inventory, parts, apparel, etc. through social media posts, video, text messages. Customers want to see a face and will trust the dealership in ways you can’t imagine.

I RESOLVE to rely more heavily on my customers through mobile feedback and be more personable. Ask customers question about service, support or things they’d stop talking AT them but rather TO them. Customers are invested in the dealership on a personal level and will give you honest, worthwhile feedback if you give them a chance. And don’t overthink the process or make it difficult. If they can send a text to the dealership and get an immediate response they will be elated. Customers may forget what you say or do, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel from the experience. 

I RESOLVE to make mobile work as a revenue source and not just a cost of business.The right mobile partner will help you realize the enormous value in implementing mobile for driving revenue and go far beyond just sending blank messages or generic offers to customers. Using a mobile solution for service, sales, etc. can drive real dollars. But only if well thought out and executed.

I RESOLVE to break out of the routine. Stop sending the same message every week. Stop posting the typical review or photo on social media day in and day out. Stop the marketing the mundane day-to-day operations of the dealership and start giving the customer a reason to explore more things you have to offer.

I RESOLVE to find more technology and innovation to better my mobile strategy. Find a mobile solution to display inventory on a variety of spaces like social media. Find a solution to allow customers to review the dealership from their smartphone while at the dealership. Find a solution to receive customer feedback more effectively though the mobile channel. Find a solution to engage customers more effectively with the motorcycle lifestyle like a mobile app that ties to your dealership with geolocation services in mapping, social elements and more.

I RESOLVE to be a mobile-first dealership in 2018 and realize the path to success for marketing and sales will come through the mobile channel in more ways than any other medium available.